Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Movie Update: Clip Tomorrow + Insurgent News

There have been a few movie updates (mostly exciting ones!) so I thought I would give you the whole scoop at once, in case you haven’t seen anything yet. So! Three things!

First of all, a clip of the Divergent movie will be premiering tomorrow night on Entertainment Tonight and online at Yahoo Movies! (Check for your local listings here.) Check out a little preview on the Divergent Instagram page here, too: http://instagram.com/Divergent

I’ve seen the clip, and…WELL. You’ll see. It is so good.

Second, Summit Entertainment has set a release date for Insurgent: March 20th, 2015!

And, while we’re on the topic of that date, let’s get to our third item. Because the hope is that the second movie will come out March 2015, that means that everyone is getting to work pretty much right away. And sadly, since Neil Burger is still working like crazy on Divergent, he won’t be able to direct Insurgent (...unless we clone him using Calvin's Duplicator). He will, however, be sticking around as an executive producer, which is awesome, because Neil is awesome and has taken such good care of this story so far, from what I've seen.

And I can’t wait to see Divergent all put together! Ahh! (Can someone also try to borrow Calvin’s time machine?)


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