Sunday, September 19, 2010

MONTH THREE: Fear of Taking Unnecessary Risks

THE TIME HAS COME. Well, actually, I'm late, because I had to skip a month due to unforeseen busy-ness, so the time passed, but now IT HAS COME AGAIN!

This month's random act of bravery involves pop rocks and soda. If you'd like to see past months, involving a slide down an 18-foot vert ramp, a dive into a public fountain, and of course, a jump into a bathtub full of mini marshmallows, those videos are on the right sidebar.

But without further delay...

I swear I'm not speaking in the royal "we" in the beginning, I just edited out the parts where my friend Alice participated.

By the way, this is my friend Alice:
Thanks for your help, AK!


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